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Spiritual Growth: Being Your Higher Self (Earth life)


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  • Paperback : 196 pages
  • ISBN-10 : 9780915811120
  • ISBN-13 : 978-0915811120
  • Product Dimensions : 13.97 x 1.91 x 22.23 cm
  • Publisher : H J Kramer (1 Nov. 1988)
  • Language: : English
  • Book Condition: Used – Very Good

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Spiritual Growth: Being Your Higher Self (Earth life)

These easy-to-learn processes taught by Orin, a wise and gentle spirit teacher, have helped thousands take a quantum leap. In fact, to accelerate their spiritual growth, and live their lives with more joy, harmony, peace, and love.

Furthermore, Spiritual Growth teaches you how to be your Higher Self in your everyday life. Moreover, to create a vision of your higher purpose, and manifest what you want rapidly and easily.

Consequently, you will learn to work with light for healing and growth, to connect with the Universal Mind for enhanced creativity. Furthermore, to link with the Higher Will to carry out your higher purpose.

In fact, this book gives you tools to lift the veils of illusion. As a result, see the truth, expand and contract time, raise your vibration, achieve higher states of consciousness. Moreover, to open your heart, and know yourself in new, more loving ways.

It teaches you to have more satisfying relationships with others by using the skills of non-attachment. The right use of will, being transparent to others’ energies, and communicating as your Higher Self.

You will learn to become a source of light and to grow through world service.

This book offers the next step in spiritual growth for you who want to know more about who you are, why you are here, and what you came to do.

You can align with the higher energies that are coming into the earth plane and use them to create the best life you can imagine for yourself. Source: Publisher


Spiritual Growth Conclusion

This book of Sanaya Roman contains the essence of the contemporary spiritual path, embodying joy, growth, and increased aliveness. The teachings are profound and inspirational. Practical techniques teach readers how to move to higher consciousness, when to be an active force, and when to surrender and let things happen. In fact, Spiritual Growth will teach readers how to be their Higher Selves in their everyday life, create a vision of their higher purpose, and manifest what they want rapidly and easily.


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