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Unbroken Curses: Hidden Source of Trouble in the..


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  • Unbroken Curses: Hidden Source of Trouble in the Christian’s Life
  • Paperback : 175 pages
  • ISBN-10 : 0883683725
  • ISBN-13 : 978-0883683729
  • Product Dimensions : 15.29 x 1.17 x 23.19 cm
  • Publisher : Whitaker House,U.S. (31 Dec. 1995)
  • Language: : English
  • Condition: Used – Like New

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“Unbroken Curses: Hidden Source of Trouble in the Christian’s Life” by Rebecca Brown and Daniel Yoder is a Christian non-fiction book that deals with generational curses and spiritual bondage. The authors argue that many Christians are unknowingly suffering from the effects of curses passed down through generations.


The book begins with a talk of what curses are and how they can affect people’s lives. The authors explain that curses are spiritual forces that can harm a person’s health, relationships, and overall well-being. They argue that people inherit curses from generation to generation and may be unaware they are affected by them.


To support their claims, the authors provide biblical examples of generational curses. They point to the story of Abraham, who God blessed and passed that blessing down to his descendants. They also cite the story of Jacob and Esau, in which Jacob tricked his father into giving him the family blessing meant for his older brother.


The authors argue that these stories demonstrate that blessings and curses can be passed down through generations. They also point to passages in the Bible that describe the consequences of disobedience to God’s commands. For example, Deuteronomy 28 describes the blessings originating from obedience and the curses resulting from disobedience.


After establishing the existence and effects of curses, the authors provide practical advice for breaking free from them. They emphasize the importance of prayer, faith, and trust in God as the key to breaking free from curses and living a victorious Christian life.


The authors provide practical steps for identifying and breaking curses. They suggest that individuals seek God’s wisdom and guidance through prayer. They also encourage individuals to examine their own lives and the lives of their ancestors to identify any patterns of disobedience or sin that may be contributing to the curse.


Once a curse is known, the authors suggest several steps for breaking it. First, individuals must repent of any sin or disobedience that may have contributed to the curse. Next, they must renounce the curse and speak God’s truth over their lives. It involves declaring God’s promises and rejecting any lies or negative thoughts associated with the curse.


The authors also emphasize the importance of community support in breaking free from curses. They suggest that individuals seek the help of pastors, counselors, and other trusted Christian friends. They also recommend attending deliverance ministries or seeking the help of trained spiritual counselors.


Throughout the book, the authors provide personal stories of individuals who have found freedom from curses through faith in Jesus Christ. They share stories of people healed of physical illnesses, restored to broken relationships, and set free from addictions and other forms of bondage.


The authors also address some common objections to the idea of curses, such as the belief that Christians are immune to spiritual attack. They argue that while Christians are undeniably saved by faith in Jesus Christ, they are not exempt from the effects of sin and spiritual warfare.


Finally, the authors address the importance of living a life of obedience and faith to avoid falling back into bondage. They suggest that individuals must continually seek God’s wisdom and guidance and resist the temptation to return to sinful behaviour.


Altogether, “Unbroken Curses” is a helpful resource for Christians struggling with spiritual bondage and generational curses. The authors provide biblical support for their claims and offer practical advice for breaking free from curses. While the book may not be suitable for all readers, it is a valuable resource for those seeking freedom and victory in Christ.



Authors Book Sypnosis

Are you one of the many victims of an unbroken curse? Today, countless Christians throughout the world are plagued by unexplained poverty, calamities, and a variety of adverse circumstances. Their lives are tragically filled with heartache and desperation as they continuously struggle against overpowering temptation, physical and mental illness, and a myriad of catastrophic events. Usually, they are unaware that their plight is the result of an unbroken curse that has been placed upon them and perhaps upon their families.


Some of the causes:

  • Hatred and jealousy
  • Trespassing on the Devil’s territory
  • Handling unholy things Inherited curses
  • Breaking vows to God


The solution:
The Bible specifically instructs every believer to avoid curses and to recognize and break them. Yet, an astonishing number of Bible-believing Christians have either not read or do not remember these essential spiritual principles. Thus, many believers live under the affliction of unbroken curses. This book will show you the necessary biblical steps to recognize, prevent, and break every type of curse.