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Stairways to Heaven by Lorna Byrne


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  • ISBN-10 : 9781444706031
  • ISBN-13 : 978-1444706031
  • Product Dimensions : 16.3 x 24.1 x 2.9 cm
  • Hardcover : 304 pages
  • Publisher : Coronet (16 Sept. 2010)
  • Language: : English
  • Condition: Used – Like New

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Stairways to Heaven is a book written by Lorna Byrne, who claims to have been able to communicate with angels since childhood. In this book, Byrne shares her spiritual insights and experiences with readers, offering a unique perspective on the nature of the universe and the afterlife.


The book is split into several sections, each exploring a different aspect of Byrne’s spiritual journey. In the first section, she discusses her childhood experiences and how she became aware of her ability to see and communicate with angels. She describes how, from a young age, she saw angels everywhere she went and how they helped her to navigate the challenges of her life.


In the second section, Byrne delves deeper into her experiences with angels, discussing how they have guided her throughout her life and helped her to develop a deep sense of spirituality. She shares stories of how angels intervened in her life, offering guidance and support when she needed it the most.


In the third section of the book, Byrne focuses on the nature of the universe and the afterlife. She describes the world as a web of interconnected energy, with everything in the universe connected to everything else. She also offers insights into what happens after we die, describing the transitioning process from the physical world to the spiritual realm.


Throughout the book, Byrne offers practical advice on how readers can connect with their angels and develop their spiritual awareness. She discusses the importance of meditation, prayer, and other spiritual practices and offers guidance on incorporating these practices into daily life.


One of the main subjects of the book is the idea that angels are always present and available to help us, no matter our circumstances. Byrne emphasizes that angels are not just figures from religious mythology but real beings that exist to guide and support us on our spiritual journey.


Another important theme of the book is the interconnectedness of all things. Byrne sees the universe as a vast, interconnected web of energy, with everything and everyone connected to everything else. She emphasizes that our actions have consequences not just for ourselves but for the entire universe.


Altogether, Stairways to Heaven is a fascinating and thought-provoking book offering readers a unique perspective on spirituality and the afterlife. While some readers may be skeptical of Byrne’s claims about her ability to communicate with angels, her insights into the nature of the universe and the importance of spiritual awareness will resonate with many readers.


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