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The Mafia’s Greatest Hits – DVD BOXSET


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  • The Mafia’s Greatest Hits – 4 DVD & Bookazine BOXSET
  • Rated : Exempt
  • Language: : English
  • Package Dimensions : 18.03 x 13.76 x 1.48 cm; 83 Grams
  • Media Format : PAL, Box set
  • Release date : 23 July 2018
  • Studio : Demand Media
  • Number of discs : 4
  • DVD Condition: NEW

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The Mafia’s Greatest Hits

The Mafia’s Greatest Hits – DVD BOXSET is a documentary series that sets out to investigate the Mafia’s use of murder in 20th century America. Put together with access to FBI files on the Mafia.


The programmes detail the agency’s surprise when 1960s figures revealed the extent to which the Mafia contributed to the US murder rate. Dramatic reconstructions. They used archive footage and testimony from witnesses and FBI agents to explore the methods of the Mafia. And the FBI’s efforts to combat them.


What is the Mafia?

“Mafia” originates in Sicily. As a Sicilian adjective, mafioso (in Italian) means “swagger, boldness, bravado.”

In Sicily during the 19th century, the word mafioso was ambiguous. But also signified pride, courage, and daring, according to the scholar Diego Gambetta.


Mafieusa, the feminine form of the adjective, refers to a woman who is beautiful and attractive. According to the natives of Sicily, mafie referred to caves near Trapani and Marsala. Refugees and criminals alike used them.

This organized criminal organization, also known simply as the Mafia and commonly referred to as the Cosa Nostra by its members, originates in Sicily, in Italy, and dates back to the 19th century.


It’s an association of criminal organizations that cooperate in organization and conduct, presenting themselves under one common brand.

They refer to family units are as clans or coscas. Each family is renowned for claiming sovereignty over a particular territory, usually a small town or village, or even a borough within a large city, in which to operate their rackets.


Although public opinion often refers to them as Mafiosi, those who belong to it call themselves “men of honour.”

A Mafia’s main activities are protection racketeering, arbitrating conflicts between criminals, and coordinating illegal agreements and transactions.


Due to the emigration of Sicilians, mafia gangs were established in North and South America by the 20th century, which followed the same traditions and methods as their Sicilian cousins.