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FIFA 15 – Feel The Game (Playstation 3)


Product details

Platform: Playstation 3   |  Edition: Standard


  • Rated : Ages 3 and Over
  • Product Dimensions : 19 x 13.5 x 1.4 cm; 90 Grams
  • Release date : 26 Sept. 2014
  • Item model number : 13462
  • Game Condition: Used – Good (no pamphlet and damaged case)

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FIFA 15 – Feel The Game

Through exceptional audio-visuals, FIFA 15 – Feel the Game mimics the emotions of all 22 players on the pitch to provide an authentic meaning to the game. Therefore, EA Sports has come a long way with its animation of this game. You can tell by the reactions of players to on-field.

There are intense physical battles between players during the match, pushing, shoving, or yelling at each other.


According to EA, 600 emotional reactions may take place during the game.

The ability to respond and control makes perceived world players more real. The atmosphere in the 20 Premier League stadiums comes alive through the team-specific chants of the crowd.

Furthermore, players can adapt their tactics dynamically to the game context. The goalkeepers are now responding to more rebounds and deflections thanks to a new range of new save, animations, and improved intelligence.


The game man-to-man actions are better. There is an improvement with its contacts, and it’s now possible to control set pieces.

The visuals in this game include realistic environments and lighting systems.

You can save a custom team sheet with up to three formations, strategies, and player instructions.

There is a new feature called Friendly seasons, a one-on-one online mode that lets you compete against your friends for boasting rights and digital prizes.

Putting your dream team together is now done within the game instead of an outside website using FIFA 15 15 Ultimate Team list.


Conclusion of FIFA 15 – Feel the Game

To conclude, this FIFA 15-Feel The Game is an improvement from the previous game. The enhancements have not been groundbreaking but visible. The emotional touches in this game have made it a realistic game.

Don’t be fooled by the Fifa 15 game! It isn’t flawless but, it does continue to be the best we’ve ever played. It remains an enjoyable football game for football fans of all ages.


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